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Restaurant Equipment that you can depend on.

Manitowoc reach in refrigerators and reach in freezers are restaurant equipment that you can depend on plus they offers convenience and versatility. Both the reach in refrigerators and reach in freezers are available in one, two, and three section models and provide gross storage capacities of 22.4, 49.0, 72.0 cubic feet respectively. Half-doors are available with reach in refrigerators and reach in freezers, and full length glass doors are an option with reach in refrigerators only.

A stainless steel front with anodized aluminum side panels provides a bright durable surface for long life. The smooth aluminum interior with coved corners makes clean up fast and easy. The unit includes two year parts and labor warranty - the best in the industry. A three year (five year total) parts warranty on the evaporator and compressor is also included.
Manitowoc refrigerators or freezers, one door, two door, or three door ( glass or solid - stainless steel )
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Restaurant equipment to handle your ice and beverage needs.


Stand-alone Unit - Self Contained unit.
Including both ice cuber and bin. Manitowoc Ice Machines - 2 pieces (ice cuber with storage bin) Manitowoc ice dispensers.
Countertop Ice Dispensers Countertop Ice/Beverage Dispensers Drop-in Ice/Beverage Dispensers
Restaurant Equipment

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Sizing Your Ice Machine

In any Business, ice needs are rarely uniform. For examply, more ice is needed in summer than in winter and on weekends than on weekdays. Size your Manitowoc ice machine and storage bin to meet your peak needs.

Ice Machine Sizing Guidelines                   Approximate Ice Needs Per Day
Restaurant 1-1/2 lbs. per person
Cocktail 3 lbs. per person/seat
Water Glass 4 oz. per 10 oz. glass
Salad Bar 30 lbs. per cubic foot
Fast Food 5 oz. per 7-10 oz. drink
8 oz. per 12-16 oz. drink
12 oz. per 18-24 oz. drink
Guest Ice 5 lbs. per room
Restaurant 1-1/2 lbs. per person/seat
Cocktail 3 lbs. per person/seat
Catering 1 lb. per person
Patient Ice 10 lbs. per patient
Cafeteria 1 lb. per person
Convenience Store  
Beverage 6 oz. per 12 oz. drink
10 oz. per 20 oz. drink
16 oz. per 32 oz. drink
Cold Plate 50% more ice per day
Packaged Ice Lbs. per bag x bags sold
per day
Beverage Service  
Drinks 40% ice per
drink x number of drinks
served on peak day
Ice Per Day Ice Machine
40 - 55 lbs. QM30 stand-alone
56 - 65 lbs. QM45 stand-alone
66 - 100 lbs. Q-130 stand-alone
101-180 lbs. Q-210 stand-alone
181 - 220 lbs. Q-270 stand-alone
S-300 or S-320 series
221 - 380 lbs. S-420 or S-450 series
381 - 540 lbs. S-600 series
541 - 640 lbs. S-800 series
641 - 830 lbs. S-1000 series
831 - 1110 lbs. S-1400 series
1111 - 1600 lbs. S-1800 series
Over 1600 lbs. Use Stackable Cubers

Installation Hints
Be sure components will fit through doorways, down halls, and into the installation space. Once installed, most ice machines must have at least 5" to 8" of clearance above, behind and on both sides.
Locate the ice machine in an area where the ambient air temperature stays between 35 and 110 degrees Farinheit.
Electrical and water connections must be within 6' of the ice machine. Connections must meet local, state and national codes.

Manitowoc - reach in freezers, reach in refrigerators, ice machines, and ice & beverage dispensers

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